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As a collective of musicians and artists, STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) creates and expresses a musical style that is unique unto itself. STS9 have taken their passion for playing live instruments and married it to a love for intricate composition and sound exploration. STS9 have as much of an affection for samplers and computers as they do pianos, drums, bass, and guitars. The music blends layered sonic landscapes, developed melodic movements, and deep groove sensibilities. The music is simultaneously progressive and retrospective. It draws from the core creative values of the jazz greats and the funk-soul innovators while utilizing modern advancements in music production creating sounds with anything these geniuses can get their hands on. STS9 and Conscious Alliance first teamed up during a 3-night run at the Fox Theatre 2002. Conscious Alliance has been on tour with these musical philanthropists ever since that unforgettable weekend – collecting and distributing several hundred thousand pounds of food and bringing the level of consciousness at each show to a higher level.

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