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“My life is based on the reciprocal relationship of healing and art. One feeds the other as one doesn’t exist without the other. Its what I prioritize for my self inter-personally as well as the primary contribution that I intend to offer the communities around me. The form that it takes in my work is expressed through several stylistic variations, but the common thread through it all is rooted in sacred geometry. The creation of each work comes about through an intuitive process of allowing creativity to seemingly come through. As this happens novel forms combine with strategic color to create pattern intensive compositions encouraging the expansion of SEEING. The more that we see, the more interconnections are revealed. That is the core of my message…..All things connected….All things one…..Healing is the process of re-attuning our selves to see this, live this, and remember this…..Art is both a byproduct and catalyst of this transformative process and for me                                                    the ultimate mission of art is to encourage this.”

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