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Art By: Stanley Mouse

We use art as the incentive to inspire people to donate to our cause. We offer unique poster artwork at concerts and music festivals that is created specifically for the ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drive at an event. The artist, who retains creative control of the image, donates the art that we use for the poster, while we cover all printing costs. All food donations we collect are locally distributed to Feeding America Food Bank affiliates in the town or city in which the event takes place. The money we raise is directed toward economically isolated Native American reservations. It used to purchase and deliver food in large bulk quantities, and funds projects geared toward social and economic development.

Conscious Alliance has worked with over 100 different artists over the years. You can support our efforts by donating your time and artistic talents to create an ‘Art That Feeds’ poster for one of our upcoming food drives. By joining the Conscious Alliance team of visual artists, you have a tremendous opportunity to help bring healthy food to those in need.

Benefits of Donating Your Artwork:

  • High exposure of your art at an event
  • Art showcased on our website and through social media, reaching tens of thousands of fans
  • You will receive a portion of the posters printed for the event
  • The potential to generate thousands of pounds of food for those in need through the donation of your talent and creativity

If you are interested in donating your artwork to Conscious Alliance, or have any questions about our ‘Art That Feeds’ initiative, please contact us at talk-to-us [at]

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