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2017 Annual Report—Celebrating 15 Years of Impact

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Dear Friends,

You contributed 7,460 volunteer hours and donated more food at ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drives than ever before (88,445 meals). You provided over $560,000, and through all our efforts, we distributed 290,514 meals to over 20 locations (including remote food deserts), built ten new gardens, hosted multiple free storesexpanded our school and food company partnerships, and much more! As you might guess by this opener, we had a milestone year, and I am excited to share more details within this report.

But first, I want to take some time to acknowledge how we came to celebrate our 15th anniversary in 2017. Out hats are off to EACH OF YOU for building Conscious Alliance! We are all part of this community, contributing in many ways. We want to thank you!

Kudos to the 200 of you who are committed to our monthly membership program and to those who volunteer or donate whenever possible. You are fueling our growth and impact. We want you to know that your actions don’t stop with us; your impact is felt in the many communities that we work with and you inspire others to remember their giving spirit.

Major shout-outs to those working with start-up natural food companies who donate boxes of food and much gratitude to the established corporations that give by the truckload. You donate what you can because you believe in the importance of providing all people with access to high quality food. Collectively, you provided over 193,370 meals in 2017! We love when you help load our trucks and jump in our van to deliver meals to those who need it most.

Cheers to the musicians! You are the reason so many of us cross paths. You agree to share your spotlight with our posters, volunteers (100 times this year!). You advocate for hunger relief on and off the stage, volunteer with us at food banks, and provide amazing entertainment for our fundraising events. We couldn’t do this without you.

Here’s to the 100 poster-artists who pour their heart and soul into creating beauty that connects with music fans; the end-result is a highly sought-after piece of art that propels our ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drives. We thank you for diving in to work behind the booth, generating even more of a lure for fans to see what’s going on. Your donations are critical.

There are many more vital roles the Conscious Alliance community fills: you are truck drivers or operate screen presses, you are music promoters, software geniuses, or youth facilitators, you are amazing chefs, or work at food banks across the country. No matter your field or ability, you hold set of keys and are doing what you can to provide for those in need.

Some of you have been with us for 15 years. You built the strong foundation from which we operate. Some of you donated for the first time last summer and we are excited to have you on board! Regardless of when you joined this alliance, thank you for helping us feed those in need and empower the next generation to keep it going. With our spark, the youth of today will become compassionate community leaders whose actions will continue to make lasting positive impacts.

With love,

Justin Levy, Executive Director

Click here to read the 2017 Annual Report

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