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Marisa Aragón Ware – Artist Spotlight

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Marisa is called to pursue art that benefits the world and she has generously created six posters for Conscious Alliance, as well as our 2016 holiday card.


 “My primary motivation as a human and an artist is to be of benefit in some way in the world. Art can certainly be a form of service, but it’s usually in an intangible way- offering inspiration or a conduit for emotional or spiritual inquiry or expression.

 For me, the creative process is only complete when there is a viewer for my work- someone to receive what I’ve created. If that person connects with my work and is touched or inspired by it, that gives meaning to the entire process of creation.

Making art isn’t always a joyful, spontaneous process- sometimes it involves a lot of struggle, and coming face-to-face with self-doubt. Whenever someone tells me that my art has impacted them, even in a small way, it makes all of the hours of sitting and struggling at the drawing table completely worth it.

The same thing is true of knowing that my art is going to be of benefit in some more tangible way- which is why I love working with Conscious Alliance. Being able to know that an image I’m pouring my soul into is going to help literally feed people is such motivating and enlivening inspiration. 

I want my art to feed people, whether in an intangible way or in a very real, measurable way. What I love about Conscious Alliance is that it provides a method for both of these ways of feeding people through art.”

Marisa’s spirit of giving back and inspiring others is deeply appreciated! THANK YOU MARISA!

Marisa was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, she garnered her deep appreciation of nature from a childhood spent enveloped in the forests and glades of the Rocky Mountains. Those formative experiences heavily influence both her art and outlook, and she strives to depict the beauty of the natural world to help others connect with its abundant primordial magic.

Learn more about Marisa at her website:

Be sure to view her work on our store:

Conscious Alliance Members will receive 30% off her posters when using the code found in their February membership email.

Samples of her work:





Arise 2016 Poster v02

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