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Justin Levy

Executive Director

qj-LlGZIlC9CvzwVibZhNTpYHShhnGfVHzNPsDm1iRw,r5pLbOvCTp5wZ6VZaUg9T0oreDtVyOdX8h9WzfwC1bg Justin began working with Native American youth on the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota while he was still in high school. He teamed up with Conscious Alliance in 2004, and became strongly involved with its efforts because he felt the organization had a unique approach to engaging young people in service work and supporting American Indian reservations. Over the years, Justin has had the opportunity to see the organization grow and expand its outreach. He appreciates how professionals, companies, and individuals all contribute their talents to enhance the Conscious Alliance movement. He has a comprehensive understanding of Conscious Alliance’s vision and direction from his well-rounded experience within the organization, which he applies to the development of strategic plans, projects, and financial tactics on a daily basis. Justin received his degree in Service-Learning Program Development at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC.

BJ Cochran

Operations Manager

UDETnDcrys-oLj1KVKBB2eHPTXyQHAeis_DTFgRcrS4,tlLTZWMFl5MfpRxd6qHFzHreheFJpdIfdjUpUdobXNo,sPSbaAqsTAqWcASOvwiR4qhiGgQdJdcDMaqZe-9vzAM BJ has been a fan and supporter of Conscious Alliance since the organization’s inception in 2002. For the past decade, he worked in the music industry as a talent agent and concert promoter in Los Angeles. He has witnessed the organization evolve throughout his career, and it has continued to be an inspiration in both his life and the surrounding music community. With a strong passion to help others in need, BJ started hosting Conscious Alliance food drives on the West Coast as a volunteer in 2009. He relocated to Boulder, CO to become a full-time team member where he now manages day-to-day operations, artist and band communications, graphic design, volunteers, and food drive coordination. Working for Conscious Alliance has allowed him to continue working in the entertainment industry while being able to give back to those less fortunate.

Cathryn Folkestad

Development & Communications Manager

REmQl2fBPn09k10zKnZVygghjjn6zoH9zoMKEASy0oQ,akhMFVlS2KXkbK3yec1m0-bsIgBanEqkR00MI35sWEg Cathryn immediately knew she wanted to be a part of Conscious Alliance and its efforts after learning about the vision, goals, and objectives of the organization. She moved to Boulder, CO to join the team in 2013, and she hopes to make an impact on the nation by inspiring, educating, and motivating people to help those in need, thus creating uplifting and strong communities. Cathryn teaches food-insecure individuals how to regain confidence within themselves through Conscious Alliance’s youth empowerment programs and groups throughout the country. In addition, she educates and informs the nation’s youth about the influence they can have on their communities. Cathryn graduated from Lesley University with a degree in Holistic Psychology and a minor in Health, and received her Masters of Education from Castleton State College.


Tyler Henry

Program Coordinator

c0muFmLY_RDwufU4DZecTrIBuq_TceMc69KXG-eloI4,xGK8jgT6qN4Kg0qRDuG5Bs7Z8JlIkLRXh-rpHgBzuTI,xu4NIcznJYAIwnPSkhtltDazP04WaUnVamyaHdTZLVU Tyler learned about Conscious Alliance through it’s ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drives at his favorite musicians and music festivals, in 2008. Tyler began supporting our efforts by bringing non-perishable food items to our food drives and eventually started volunteering for the organization. After showing a strong passion for the organizations efforts, Tyler earned an internship in the summer of 2014. He brought energy and enthusiasm to the Conscious Alliance office throughout his six month internship, and continued to show a strong dedication to our mission. Tyler was brought on full-time as our Program Coordinator January 2015. He manages our grant and proposal writing, social media, events, and day-to-day activities. Tyler is very passionate about the work that Conscious Alliance does and hopes to continue making an impact to all we serve. He earned his degree in journalism from Ball State University in Indiana in 2011.

Natalie Hand

Food Bank Coordinator

natalie Natalie is a member of the Conscious Alliance Board of Directors, and has been working with the organization since its launch in 2002. She lives on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, devoting her life to humanitarian work. Natalie is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Looks For Buffalo Foundation, a Conscious Alliance partner organization that shares a similar mission of bringing permanent social change to the reservation. Since 2005, Natalie has operated our emergency food bank on Pine Ridge, which provides relief to hundreds of families in need each month. She is always seeking opportunities to expand the organization’s efforts and offer services to those in need.
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